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    The Museu Valencià del
    Paper has the «Qualitur»
    tourist quality certificate.

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    In 2019, the Museu
    Valencià del Paper
    to start a new stage.

  • Recognized

    Was inaugurated on
    1999. The year 2000
    became «recognized
    museum of the
    Generalitat Valenciana».

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    The Museu is part of
    a set of museums of
    Banyeres de Mariola.

  • Costume


    The Museum organizes
    the Paper Costumes
    Contest every 3 years.


The museum has three main collections that it safeguards and offers to researchers for consultation. 1) Smoking paper booklets. 2) Watermarks. 3) Artifacts related to papermaking.

Specialized library

The museum's publications area has edited teaching material and has made several specialized editions on paper-related issues that can be consulted, along with another bibliography, in the library room if requested.

Didactic materials

The museum has several educational materials created for the public, such as the Didactic Suitcase, educational guides for school stages, field notebook of the Ruta dels Molins, cut-outs, thematic photochols, scale models, etc.

Miscellaneous services

They offer, in a concerted way, hand-held paper workshops for families and students, guided tours, interpretive excursions, didactic explanation to schoolchildren in educational centers, workshops coordinated with institutions and schools.

Audiovisual room

Several original documentaries that have been produced and edited by the museum related to paper and other subjects that have to do with museum content can be screened in the audiovisual room on the ground floor.

Interactive contents

The museum exhibits, through virtual reality, recreations of the operation of ancient artifacts through screens. In addition, 3D glasses are offered to take a virtual tour inside a chimney and the boilers of a mill.


Museum location

The Museu Valencià del Paper is located in the Municipal Park of Villa Rosario of Banyeres de Mariola. It is located in a unique place where it is part of a set of museums that are very close to each other: the Museu Torre Font Bona , the Museu de l'Espardenya , the Museu Valencià del Paper , the Museu de la Paraula and the Museu de la Farmàcia .

Floor map

Download the map in PDF to know where the different facilities are, the thematic sections, the accesses, the projection room, etc.




Download the map



The museum has reserved parking for people with reduced mobility at the entrance of the municipal park of Villa Rosario.

  Facility access

Access for people with reduced mobility is signposted.

  WC adapted

The museum has a toilet service adapted for people with reduced mobility and a diaper changing machine on the ground floor.


The museum has an audio description system of the models for blind people in Valencian, Spanish, English and French.


The panels have a link through a QR code to access text and audioguide extension via podcast system.

  Available languages

Both the videographic material of the projection room, as well as the panels, as well as the screens of the rooms are accessible in Valencian, Spanish and English.



  Industrial heritage

The route runs through the main industrial buildings, the paper mills of Banyeres de Mariola, as well as other hydraulic structures such as dams.

  BIC zone

The area has been declared BIC (Property of Cultural Interest) to protect the architectural, natural and landscape heritage of the entire area where the Route runs.

  Nature tour

The Ruta dels Molins has the attraction of being drawn by a natural site of high ecological value, the high stretch of the Vinalopó river, with clean waters and abundant vegetation.


The entire route is marked with explanatory panels about the architectural elements, but also of the fauna and flora found in the place.

  Field notebook

The Museu Valencià del Paper has published the "Notebook of the Route of the Mills" with numerous educational proposals for school visitors.

  Available languages

The information panels distributed throughout the route of the Ruta dels Molins are available to visitors in Valencian, Spanish and English.




Cuaderno de difusión 1

The Valencian Paper Museum has a teaching guide and an activity booklet. Presented on January 31, 2003, it offers visitors activities and information that complements their visit to the Museum.


Download the CATALOG IN PDF

El paper de l'escola

Exhibition of school material, photographs and testimonies of our school from 1900 to 1975. A retrospective vision of the school world of Banyeres de Mariola. Exhibition from September 23, 2005 to January 8, 2006. Temporary exhibition room of the Museu Valencià del Paper. Inauguration: September 23, 2005.


Download the CATALOG IN PDF

Les séquies

Catalog of the exhibition «Les séquies de Banyeres de Mariola. Architecture of the water”. Exhibition hall of the Museu Valencià del Paper, from October 31 to December 12, 2008.


Download the CATALOG IN PDF

Quadern de camp

The «Ruta dels Molins» is a route that runs through some of the most emblematic paper mills in Banyeres de Mariola. The «Quadern de Camp» is a set of didactic activities that are aimed at the Primary cycle, although it can be adapted to other cycles.


Download the QUADERN IN PDF